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Jordan Poole Dockers 2022 Coat
Embracing muted tones, Jordan Poole wears Dockers. Photo: Robin Harper / Dockers

Jordan Poole is the latest recruit for Dockers’ stylish crew. Poole and the brand share a kindred spirit with their passion for classic elegance and experiencing life to the fullest. In honor of this fashionable match, the American professional basketball star makes an appearance in a brand new Dockers outing. Robin Harper photographs Poole as he poses on a vintage-themed set while wearing the most recent essentials for men by Dockers.

Jordan Poole Dockers 2022 Striped Shirt Pants
Relaxing on a vintage set, Jordan Poole wears the latest fashions from Dockers. Photo: Robin Harper / Dockers

Jordan Poole for Dockers

Because Jordan Poole has always placed high importance on being authentic in his style, Dockers finds him an ideal ambassador. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Poole has been a fan of the brand for a long time and is thrilled to keep expressing himself via his Dockers’ clothing. Poole explains his style, “I’ve never really reduced myself to a specific style and I kinda know what I like to wear.” 

Jordan Poole Dockers 2022 T-shirt Bucket Hat
Jordan Poole sports a relaxed look from Dockers. Photo: Robin Harper / Dockers

Poole says about experimenting with his style, “I’ll try new stuff, sure–but I know what works now. It takes me forever to find stuff that I like to wear, and if I find a style I like, I’ll stick to it.”

Jordan Poole Dockers 2022 Sitting Basketball
All smiles, Jordan Poole wears Dockers. Photo: Robin Harper / Dockers

Jordan Poole’s style leans more into timelessness than his peers off the court, courting menswear classics. “I’ve always felt like I was in my own box or lane with my style,” explains Poole. “It’s not like I don’t care about what other people wear or what they do—I’m human–but I know that they’re them and I’m me.”

Jordan Poole Dockers 2022 Striped Shirt
In front and center, Jordan Poole wears Dockers. Photo: Robin Harper / Dockers

Regarding the style of other players compared to his own, Poole says, “What they wear has nothing to do with what I wear. It’s about how it makes me feel.” Poole explains, “In professional sports there are a lot of stylists–people dressing other people. Credit to them; I’m not knocking it–I don’t like dressing myself either sometimes. But being able to personally go out there and find it, that’s special. Ultimately, I just always do my own thing, whether it’s short shorts or big cropped khakis.”


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