H&M Men Jeans Denim Fit Guide 2022


H&M Men's Jeans Fit Guide 2022 Nino Pereira Delta van Melle Djavan Mandoula Model
Models Nino Pereira, Delta van Melle, and Djavan Mandoula wear denim essentials. Photo: H&M

This fall, H&M shines a light on denim and walks male customers through each of its current fits for jeans. The fashion brand presents an overview of its jeans assortment, covering its diverse fit range, from figure-hugging to loose and relaxed-fit. The H&M jeans fit guide has five different fits for men’s jeans: loose, relaxed, regular, slim, and skinny.

H&M Jeans for Men Fit Guide

H&M Men's Jeans Fit Guide 2022 Yura Nakano Model Loose Fit Jeans
Yura Nakano wears loose-fit jeans. Photo: H&M

Loose-fit Jeans

The loose-fit jeans from H&M have an extra-wide fit. They have a roomy cut and a dropped-crotch construction with a low rise. Your jeans can be styled without the need for stretch fabric because of their generous fit.

H&M Men's Jeans Fit Guide 2022 Djavan Mandoula Model Relaxed Fit Jeans
Djavan Mandoula wears relaxed-fit jeans. Photo: H&M

Relaxed-fit Jeans

Relaxed-fit jeans make sense for men who want to move freely. The casual jeans from H&M are straight-cut. The durable denim has more space and wider legs overall. Pair your relaxed-fit jeans with everyday wardrobe staples such as crewneck sweaters, flannel shirts, and henley tops.

H&M Men's Jeans Fit Guide 2022 Tyron Wood Model Regular Fit Jeans
Tyron Wood wears regular-fit jeans. Photo: H&M

Regular-fit Jeans

A regular-fit pair of denim jeans can be the ideal middle ground if you can’t decide whether to go wide or slim. Straight-leg jeans from H&M are still popular today. Its cut looks to provide a loose, comfortable fit.

H&M Men's Jeans Fit Guide 2022 Delta van Melle Model Slim Fit Jeans
Delta van Melle wears slim-fit jeans. Photo: H&M

Slim-fit Jeans

While several jeans are available, a pair of slim-fit jeans have become the new standard for the discerning fashion connoisseur. Compared to regular-fit jeans, they are more narrow and give your ensemble a more fitted appearance. Slim-fit jeans are more comfortable than skinny jeans because they have straighter legs and are less constricting around the thigh.

H&M Men's Jeans Fit Guide 2022 Nino Pereira Model Skinny Fit Jeans
Nino Pereira wears skinny-fit jeans. Photo: H&M

Skinny-fit Jeans

H&M’s skinny-fit jeans hold the distinction of having the slimmest fit among the brand’s jeans. They follow the contours of your body from waist to hem. The stretch material used by H&M to make their skinny-fit jeans is incredibly comfy. These jeans look great with a stylish blazer, leather biker jacket, or your go-to t-shirt.

H&M Men's Jeans Fit Guide 2022 Djavan Mandoula Yura Nakano Tyron Wood
H&M showcases its various fits of jeans on models Djavan Mandoula, Yura Nakano, and Tyron Wood. Photo: H&M


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