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Interview by Dominic Ciambrone
Photos by Bryam Villacres

Before we get into everything about your life, let’s talk about how we first connected because it’s pretty closely related to your overall story. You came to me with the idea to customize your Balenciaga Crocs. What’s that boot called?

I don’t even know.

Everyone just calls it the Kanye boot because he wore them so often.

When I saw Kanye wearing them I said, “OK, that’s not really a daily driver.” They were tight, but if I wear these things out every day people are going to come up to me and ask, “When are we going fly fishing?” I thought they would be the perfect boot for work. They’re rubber, they’re heavy, they’re high, they’re safe for every element in the kitchen. But they’re not that practical [otherwise]. So when I brought them to you I was like, “Can we just chop ’em down a little bit and turn them into lowriders?” It accomplished everything I wanted to from a practical point of view but also from a fashion point. It was the ultimate chef shoe.


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